Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture

The Home of Imabari Towels

Imabari is located in Ehime Prefecture on Shikoku, one of Japan’s many islands. This area facing the Seto Inland Sea is rich with the blessings of both the mountains and the sea, and it also has a temperate climate. Since long ago, Shikoku locals have upheld the tradition of providing a warm reception to the pilgrims along the famous 88-temple Shikoku Pilgrimage route, and Imabari has cultivated an atmosphere of hospitality and thoughtful consideration toward others?its citizens continue to supply food, money and other necessities without hesitation. Imabari is also the birthplace of “Imabari towels,” which are gentle on their users.

About us



Murakami Pile Co., Ltd. was founded 53 years ago, and we handle everything from towel production to sales. In addition to products made by OEM companies, we have developed our own brand, “MiRT.” We are actively expanding our activities within Japan and overseas in order to make the benefits of Imabari towels even more widely known.



Much like the style prevalent in North American interior goods, we aim to offer customers simple designs that won’t grow stale. We also place great importance on providing towels with fiber structuring and thread usage that most effectively bring out the texture and feel of the product on the skin because these types of products exhibit the true appeal of towels. We consider the designs by close examination of the basic structural elements of each product including ease of use, user-friendliness, appearance and so forth.
Towels are products that truly shine in our daily lives. A simple towel that matches your personal interior design can provide a fashionable accent to a room?this alone makes the product worth owning. Just as each of us has our own story, at Murakami Pile we devote ourselves to the design of towels that tell individual stories and exude an existence of their own.


Art work

At the core of every major project is the joy and pleasure that people feel when buying a product. These are what we want our customers to experience, and they are also the basic ideas on which we operate?a sense of thrill and enjoyment.
We want our customers to imagine themselves using the product, think about how much the recipient will like it, and feel a strong urge to take it home as soon as possible. This is the kind of towel we strive to create.
Many Imabari towels are plain and white, and although we will continue to provide this type of product, we also want to keep expanding our lineup of patterned towels in pursuit of even greater dreams. Just imagine how amazing it would be if each towel had its own unique story to tell!

Art work

Logo mark

imabari towel japan
Excellent Water Absorbency and Safety are the Marks of an Imabari Towel
The imabari towel brand mark and logo are only included on products that meet the independently developed quality standards of Imabari, Japan’s largest center of towel production.


Imabari area towel producers make use of underground water from the Soja River, which has its source on Mount Takanawa, and other high-quality water sources in order to achieve soft fiber textures and vivid color expression. They have utilized these advantages and further refined their dyeing techniques to transform Imabari into the largest towel production region in all of Japan.
One of the independent quality standards established by the Shikoku Towel Industrial Association states that “a section of the towel must start sinking within five seconds of being placed in water” (sink test), which demonstrates that the towel can absorb water from initial usage without being washed first. Imabari towels quickly absorb sweat, water and other liquids, won’t become clingy when used for wiping down one’s body after getting out of the bath or wiping off sweat, and are gentle on the skin.

  • MiRT:pion
  • MiRT:Frilled
  • MiRT:Circle
  • MiRT:Lotus
  • MiRT:Block
  • MiRT:Flor
  • MiRT:Heart leaf
  • Viajar:Arabesque
  • Viajar:Flauja
  • Viajar:Glage
  • lusso
  • Eco Towel
  • WASHI:Solid
  • WASHI:Stripe
  • melange
  • machinami

Company Profile

Company Profile


Representative Director
Masayoshi Murakami
Founded October 1960, Incorporated April 1967
\10 million
Business Activities
Towel manufacturing
Various types of original towels
Customer-order name-inscribed towels
Sales promotion towels
Business-use towels
Gift products

Corporate history

Apr. 1960 Founded in Imabari as Murakami Shokufu Kojo with 10 looms
June 1963 Ten additional Toyota looms introduced
Oct. 1966 Six Toyota automated “Super Loader” (dobby) looms introduced
Oct. 1967 Incorporated as Murakami Pile Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1968 Delivery center built in Onishicho-kuo, Imabari City
Oct. 1983 Six high-speed Rapier looms introduced at the Head Office Factory
Aug. 1987 New sales office built at the Onishicho-kuo Delivery Center, relocated, and operations expanded
Oct. 1988 Two Toyota Sulzer looms introduced
Aug. 1989 Imports from China begun
May 1990 Textile information processing equipment and fabric design system introduced
Aug. 1990 KYB-type direct Jacquard weaving equipment introduced
Sep. 1992 Towel Printing Plant 工場法恩綿製品有限公司 established through a joint investment with 中国青島美好巾被服イ分有限公司
Oct. 1998 Six Rapier looms introduced at the Head Office Factory
Feb. 1999 “Eco-Towel” becomes a registered trademark
July 2002 Onishicho-kuo Delivery Center renovated and expanded
Jan. 2006 One Konica Minolta inkjet printer introduced
Aug. 2006 Osaka Sales Office opened
June 2011 Towel composition design simulation system introduced
Feb. 2012 New-model warping machine introduced
Sep. 2012 Two Toyota JAT 710 Air Jet looms introduced

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180-2 Ko, Oka, Namikata-cho, Imabari, Ehime
TEL: +81-898-52-2211 / FAX: +81-898-52-2271
Imabari Head
1881 Ko, Kuo, Onishi-cho, Imabari, Ehime
TEL: +81-898-53-3322 / FAX: +81-898-53-4618
Osaka Sales
Maruzen Bldg. #405 2-4-3 Minamihonmachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
TEL: +81-6-6262-4455 / FAX: +81-6-6210-4477

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